Program Stages

The Cancer Innova program is part of the new Business Factory Medicines in Galicia. The Business Factory initiative launched by the Government of Galicia allow the inclusive association of all the professionals in an specific field to improve the efficiency of its industrial application. The Business Factory Auto, the Business Factory Food and the Business Factory Aero are already in operation and Cancer Innova represents the first program within the Business Factory Medicines, with the following phases:

STAGE 01. Call for Expressions of Interest and selection of projects


If you are a researcher specialized in cancer mechanisms, belonging to a public entity or a private company, and you want to apply your research towards drug discovery, we would like to collaborate with you.

Those interested in participating in this call must fill in a short Expression of Interest (EoI) form. The first projects to start the incubation phase will be selected from the Expressions of Interest (EoI) received in the first two evaluations (on 21th December 2020 and on 31st January 2021 at 15:00 (CET)) although the call will remain open on the Cancer Innova website and projects received after these dates will continue to be considered until the funds reserved for the project are completed.

The Kærtor Foundation and the FC AECC will jointly carry out governance applying the Kærtor Foundation methodology for the preliminary analysis and prioritized ranking of received EoIs.

All those projects that meet the Call Terms & Conditions will be evaluated according to the degree of compliance with the terms of the call, the level of innovation, the degree of progress of the project and its future transfer potential.

the first two evaluations (on 21st December 2020 and on 31st January 2021 at 15:00 (CET)).

Form Call Terms & Conditions


Subsequently, the Joint Steering Committee of the program will decide which projects are selected for incubation and will prepare a reserve list of projects that will only be incubated if the Joint Steering Committee deems it appropriate, when any of the first selected projects cannot proceed to the Incubation or Acceleration/Consolidation stages. Similarly, the Kærtor Foundation and FC AECC may also select for independent incubation other projects not included in the first selection, always with the agreement of the researcher that originally presented the project.

Communication of inclusion in the Program

The Kærtor Foundation and the FC AECC will inform the researchers and institutions of the selected candidate research projects, their inclusion in the CIP Program, either as first selection projects or as projects included in the reserve list.

icono de datos

STAGE 02. Incubation of research projects

Signing of the agreements

The definitive inclusion of the project in the CIP Program and its participation in the Incubation phase will be subject to the express acceptance by the selected candidate and his institution/company by signing a Research Agreement that will regulate the conditions of participation in the CIP program, as well as the rights and obligations of the selected candidate. The signing of the Research Agreement is essential and is a necessary condition for the inclusion of a project in the CIP Program.


The incubation of the projects will begin according to their order of prioritization and once the corresponding agreements have been signed.

The incubation start date of the first selected projects is expected in the first quarter of 2021.

Project evaluation and monitoring

A steering committee will be created for each project in which the applicant biomedical research group, the translational research team of the Kærtor Foundation, the research team of the AECC Scientific Foundation, and the team of the pharmaceutical sector will be represented. The Kærtor methodology will be applied, which contemplates the evaluation and scientific monitoring of the projects and their connection with the feasibility analysis, for the transition to the acceleration / consolidation phase once the incubation phase is finished.

STAGES 03 & 04. Acceleration / Consolidation of research projects

Transfer of projects to the market

Once the Incubation phase is completed and the final report has been prepared, Janssen/J&J will be able to exercise its Right of First Negotiation (preferential right for investment in incubated projects) for a period of six months.

If Janssen/J&J waives its Right of First Negotiation, the Kærtor Foundation and FC AECC may freely negotiate with other potential investors interested in the incubated projects in agreement with the applicant research team and its institution / company. Likewise, if after the anticipated six months of negotiation, an agreement has not been reached, the Kærtor Foundation and FC AECC may initiate negotiations with any third party for the continuation of the incubated projects.

Project carried out by:

Asociación Española Contra el Cancer
Fundación Kaertor