Areas of interest

The Kærtor Foundation, the Scientific Foundation of the Spanish Association Against Cancer, the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN), the pharmaceutical companies Janssen / J & J and Lilly will participate in the selection and monitoring of those projects that are within the following areas of interest.


Therapeutic approaches based on the stimulation of the human immune system in order to make it capable of attacking and killing cancer cells.

Synthetic lethality

Use of mechanisms in which defects in the expression of two or more genes cause cell death.

Tumour agnostic therapy

Therapeutic mechanisms directed at molecular targets of cancer that may be relevant for the treatment of different types of tumours.

Metabolic modulation

Use of cancer-specific metabolism for the development of new targeted and selective therapies.

Invasiveness and metastasis

Blockage of the routes by which metastasis processes occur and elimination of secondary tumours generated by these routes.


Use of regulatory mechanisms based on epigenetic targets for the development of antitumor drugs.

Tumour microenvironment

Therapeutic approaches based on attacking cancer through therapies directed at the microenvironment of cancer cells.

Mechanisms of resistance to targeted therapy

Blocking this type of escape route to avoid the appearance of resistance that causes the loss of efficacy of drugs directed at specific molecular targets.

Compounds with multiple activity

Development of new products with anticancer activity that combine centres with affinity for different groups in the same molecular aggregate.

Technologies for application to oncology

Novel technological approaches leading to significant advances in the development of cancer therapies.

Project carried out by:

Asociación Española Contra el Cancer
Fundación Kaertor